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Why certify your products with SSI Cert?


Our history and the expertise of our people sets us apart from other testing and certification organizations. SSI Cert has always been at the vanguard of the testing and certification industry, working with all types of organization to help them develop and deliver compliant products and to prove their product quality.


SSI Cert can ensure that the benefits of certification meet your expectations through testing and certification to international standards, as well as a manufacturer’s own specification. We are familiar with the market access requirements of virtually every country in the world.

We help thousands of organizations to open new markets, maximize the potential of existing markets and manage risk, thereby making them more successful and allowing them to make a real difference to their business and their customers.

Our core philosophy is teamwork: we work with our clients to help them reach their objectives by providing technical judgements and physical testing of products, components and processes, at all stages of the production cycle. We also develop quality schemes for services and issue certification that covers such areas as quality, fairness and customer service.


One of the key strengths of SSI Cert is our independence. We are not owned by government, industry or shareholders, which means that we can be totally objective in our testing and certification. This gives our assessments more authority than those of an organization that has a vested interest in promoting its members.

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